Milly + Eugene – Changing the way we think about our homes.

For so long now, the trend for home furnishings has been toward neutral basic colours and styles. The reason being, they are always considered a safe choice. The interior design industry dictates the terms with the premise that you can’t go too wrong with cream, fawn, beige, black and other earthy tones. Attempts to modify and modernise the look has revolved around textures and we’ve seen the rise of faux furs, microfibres, large knits and leather goods. But the colour palette has basically remained the same.

At Milly and Eugene, they want to buck this trend and bring back real colour into our lives and into our homes. Colour makes you happy and their homewares and furnishings come in every colour you can imagine. Milky pinks, aqua, azure blue, mint green, daffodil yellow. Walk into the shop or just scroll through their website and you’ll be dazed with colour.

A living room with neutral furnishings is transformed with our crazily colourful Kilim rugs. Drab white walls will be illuminated with our beautiful pastel mirrors, screens and brightly textured artworks. Our beautiful bright Kantha quilts, hand-woven bedheads, drum tables, crocheted throws and pastel rattan chairs will brighten any bedroom. You can place any one of their resin Buddhas, bulldogs, bunnies, rhinos or painted skulls around your house to light up a dull corner or decorate the kids bedrooms and play areas.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most”